For Families

Responding to child welfare concerns: Your Role in knowing when and what to report

Definitions of child abuse & neglect | When & what to report | Warning signs | What to do if a child tells you about abuse - or if you suspect abuse | What to expect when you make a report & what happens next

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Child sexual abuse: It is your business guide

Definitions of sexual abuse | Hints of disclosure | How to respond to disclosure

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my first safety book

Safety planning information | Background information for parents | Safe grown-ups in my life | Feelings | Naming body parts

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little warriors

What is child sexual abuse? | Signs & symptoms | Disclosing & reporting | Prevention information | Internet safety | Suicide prevention | Statistics & research

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stop it now!

TIP SHEETS: Four Rs of prevention | Safety planning |Warning signs | Specific information for parents of children with disabilities | Concerning behaviors

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kids in the know

Activity booklets & games | Safety & activity sheets | Safety booklets

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Child sexual abuse: It is your business guide

Definitions of sexual abuse | Hints of disclosure | How to respond to disclosure

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For professionals

BC Handbook for action on child abuse and neglect

Summary of key principles, laws & policies dealing with the abuse and neglect of children in BC

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commit to kids overview guide

Assess your organization | Understand child abuse | Manage risk | Create a code of conduct | Hire the right people | Supervise & monitor | Report abuse & misconduct | Write policies & procedures | Create your child protection manual | Train everyone

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understanding children’s sexual behaviors: what’s natural & Healthy (updated and expanded 2015)

Definition & development of natural & healthy sexual behavior | Responding to a child’s sexual behaviors | Sexting & 20 characteristics of problematic sexual behavior in children | Behaviors related to sex & sexuality charts | Has my child been sexually abused? | Do victims become perpetrators? | Continuum: From natural & healthy to children who molest

$3 USD 42-page booklet

Helping children with sexual behavior problems: a guidebook for professionals & caregivers

(Companion to Understanding Children’s Sexual Behaviors: What’s Natural & Healthy) What everyone helping children with sexual behavior problems should know | Assessment & treatment | Talk, listen & respond to the child about sex | Cooperation & communication between all team members

$3.75 USD 46-page booklet

prevent it! taking action to stop child sexual abuse workshop

Feel empowered and be informed about: Child sexual abuse | Child sexual development | Concerning behaviors in other adults | Concerning signs in children | Respond to disclosures of child sexual abuse | Report abuse | Reduce the risk of sexual abuse as responsible adults & organizations

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Teatree tells: a child abuse prevention kit

Lessons |Educator Guide & Program Overview | Teatree’s Keep & Speak Secrets storybook | Puppet | Posters | Parent guide

Teatree Tells is a child sexual abuse prevention program designed for children from 4 to 6 years of age. Lessons are age-appropriate, engaging & include an animated character, Teatree, who teaches them how to be safe.

$45 kit

Body Safety & Consent Bundle

Children’s Books: My Body! What I Say Goes! | Activity book | Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent & Respect | No Means No! | Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept | Body Safety Education

Teaching children, from a young age, that they are the boss of their body and what they say goes is incredibly empowering. The six books included in this bundle explore body boundaries, respect, consent, feelings and emotions, choices, recognizing bullying behaviors and body safety.

Learning these important and life-long skills are crucial in developing children’s confidence & will help them to recognise their rights — especially in regard to their body.

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Commit to kids program Kit manual

Program overview guide | Video CD | Steps for reporting inappropriate conduct | Steps for reporting child abuse card

Step-by-step program to help prevent sexual abuse from happening within child-serving organizations

$75 kit

Kids in the know, kindergarten Kit

An interactive safety education program to empower children & reduce their risk of victimization

The 3Cs of Internet Safety

$110 kit

research & Practices in child maltreatment prevention - bundle

A broad collection of peer-reviewed research on the physical, sexual, & mental abuse of children and details a variety of multidisciplinary models for the prevention of abuse before it occurs.

$130 ebook (PDF) | $150 print

let’s talk (formerly: let’s talk about touching)

Program manual | Lesson plans | Teaching pictures | Felt board figures & words | Sorting cards | 2 puppets | CD of children’s songs | One boy & one girl doll

Reflects up to date research on prevention education for young children and emphasizes positive touch

Gives teachers a greater sense of confidence that their efforts will contribute to children’s safety

$125.95 - $149.95 Training & Kit

Body safety Education Preschool teacher’s resource kit

Comprehensive Teacher's Resource Kit, carefully designed to make the teaching of Body Safety, Respectful Relationships and Gender Equality to children in preschool simple, age-appropriate &empowering.

Everything you need to teach body safety, respectful relationships & gender equality to the children in your care

10 Body Safety lessons

5 Respectful Relationships & Gender Equality lessons

Books: Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept (hard cover) | No Means No! | My Body! What I Say Goes! | No Difference Between Us | Body Safety Education | You, Me and Empathy | Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect

 Also included:

Posters, Laminated Safe/Unsafe A5 cards, PowerPoints, Resource Masters, Activity Book, Hand-out sheets, Sample letter home

$159.95 AUD kit